Darn Hungry - Make a Hearty, Comforting Chicken Orzo Soup

Chicken noodle soup is an iconic dish. John shares his recipe for Chicken Orzo soup, bringing a twist to a family favorite.

For many of us, chicken soup is a nostalgic dish from our childhood, one that mom made on snow days or when were home sick. Too often, chicken soup these days comes from a can, but it doesn't have to. John shares his Chicken Orzo Soup recipe, with just a handful of ingredients you can recreate this delicious dish, recapture those childhood memories, and give your family memories of their own.

1 small box of orzo (can substitute rice or other pasta)
3 whole carrots
5 stalks celery
1 white onion
1 whole chicken

2t garlic salt
1T oregano
1/2t pepper
1t salt

Video Timeline:
00:00 - Chicken Orzo Soup
00:32 - Prepping your chicken
02:37 - Prepping your veggies
04:23 - Remove your chicken
04:48 - Prepping your broth
05:33 - Adding orzo and veg
06:36 - Deboning your chicken
08:14 - Finishing touches

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