How Batteries Work.

1.     SPYPOINT devices work with multiple battery types. Consult your device’s Quick Start Guide for your specific device. We strongly recommend test your batteries (even new ones) with a multimeter before use.

2.     All our devices are compatible with 12 V batteries. All you need is the proper cable. SPYPOINT sells a 12 V battery kit. 12V batteries have a much longer life than AA.

3.     Be sure to adjust the settings of your device according to your needs, but be aware that many settings directly impact battery life like, transfer time, photo burst, photo delay, video, etc.

4.     Consult the “How to Program Settings on my Device” section as needed.

Here are the main factors that cause batteries to drain quickly and other tips:

1.       Cellular transmission (especially the “Each detection” setting). The higher the frequency of photo transfers, the faster the batteries drain.

2.       In video mode, the longer the video, the faster the batteries drain.

3.       Night lighting in video mode will also reduce battery life.

4.       AA batteries placed upside down. Note: If you have new batteries, but the camera does not display 100% battery level, one of the batteries may be upside down.

5.       SPYPOINT sells rechargeable batteries. Depending on the model, it can take up to 48 hours to recharge them. Check this information in the guide included with the batteries. We recommend that you completely charge new batteries before you start using the unit. If the batteries stop charging, use a voltmeter to make sure the charger is still working.

6.       Some SPYPOINT models can be fitted with a solar panel. Here are compatible models.

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