SD and MicroSD Cards.

1.     All SPYPOINT devices need a memory card to function, either and SD or Micro SD depending on the device. SPYPOINT devices work with cards between 2 GB and 32 GB ONLY. We recommend using a class 10 card. A lower class card could slow down the unit and prevent the recording of all your photos or videos.

2.     The memory card must be formatted with a computer before use. This helps prevent file incompatibility problems from other devices you may have used with the same card.

3.     To find out how many photos and videos you can store on your memory card, refer to the table below.

4.     When inserting the memory card into the camera:

1.     Check the direction to insert the memory card correctly. There is an icon near the opening where you should insert the card that will tell you the correct direction.

2.     Gently insert the memory card into the opening and push lightly with your finger.

3.     You will hear a “click” indicating that it is inserted properly.

5.     When it is time to remove the memory card:

1.     Press lightly on the memory card with your finger. You will hear a “click”.

2.     Slowly release the pressure. The card should come out halfway by itself.

3.     Remove the card with your fingers.

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