Scouting packages


New and exciting features are here, and you have more control than ever over what the SPYPOINT EXPERIENCE is to you. The new scouting packages have three levels of features you can choose from to suit your needs.

Scouting Packages are an account-wide feature package that lets you customize the way you use your cameras based on options like cloud-storage lookback, access to favorites, and advanced BUCK TRACKER filters. Scouting Packages are NOT part of the Photo Transmission Plan offering. Every camera needs it's own Photo Transmission Plan selected, while your Scouting Package will apply to all the cameras on your account.

This is just the beginning of the evolution of the SPYPOINT EXPERIENCE.

* Other innovations are already in development and will be added to the SPYPOINT EXPERIENCE as they are available.

Antler recognition technology by SPYPOINT

Our exclusive BUCK TRACKER antler & species recognition technology can filter photos in the SPYPOINT app in one simple click. Choose the buck/species icon and receive the notifications you want to see, when you need to see them.

  • Save time by letting BUCK TRACKER sort photos of bucks for you
  • Get notifications of the photos you want from your trail cameras
  • User friendly, all it takes is one simple click to auto-sort your photos