Referral Program

We Value Your Loyalty

At SPYPOINT, we value our customers above all else. To show how much we value your business, we wanted to develop a rewards program that would reflect how important you are to us. The SPYPOINT referral program rewards your loyalty and provides ongoing incentives for using SPYPOINT products.

How it works?

  1. Go to the Account tab of the SPYPOINT mobile app.
  2. Press Referral Program.
  3. Enter the email address of the person you want to refer. This person can be a new SPYPOINT customer, or an existing customer you think just needs a new camera.
  4. They will receive an email suggesting purchasing a new SPYPOINT LINK-series camera.
  5. They purchase a LINK-series camera.
  6. During the activation process, they enter your email address.
  7. Once the activation is complete, both of you will receive an email with two promo codes to choose from.
SpyPoint Link App

Choose Between Two Rewards

Rebate Code for LINK-Series Camera

The first code is a rebate code for use on a purchase of a new SPYPOINT LINK-series camera. After purchasing a new SPYPOINT LINK-series camera you will enter this CAM code on the appropriate screen of the activation process. You will also need to complete the PDF rebate form that was sent in the initial code email. Return this form by mail, along with the original purchase receipt and the barcode from the camera box.

Once this documentation has been received, and the camera has been active for 60 days, you will be issued a rebate check of $50 if you purchased a LINK-MICRO, or $100 if you purchased any other LINK-series camera.

SPYDOLLARS for Use in the SPYPOINT Mobile App

The second code is for 15 SPYDOLLARS. SPYDOLLARS can be redeemed for services within the SPYPOINT app. Use SPYDOLLARS to get a free month of unlimited photo transfers, or put it towards a scouting package renewal, or to purchase full-HD on request packages.

Promo Codes Expiration

You will have 90 days to use the codes you are sent, and if after 90 days the codes have not been used, they will expire.

Refer Someone, Reap the Rewards, Repeat!

There is no limit to the number of times you can use the rebate program. If the purchase qualifies for the referral program, no arbitrary limit to the number of times you can use the program is going to stop you. SPYPOINT values you, and your business, and the SPYPOINT referral program was designed with you in mind.