Steel Security Box for 4 power LEDs SPYPOINT cameras SB-300

Designed specifically for the LINK-MICRO, the SB-300 security box provides the security only 16-guage zinc-planted steel can. Holes for cable and padlocks are integrated into the design, as are back holes for anchoring the box directly to a tree.

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Product details

Fitting all 4 power LED SPYPOINT cameras including the LINK-MICRO, the SB-300 is an armored shell for your game camera. It keeps your SPYPOINT camera secured and protected from both damage and theft.

• Hole on front to a install a padlock
• Holes on both side to insert a cable-lock
• Holes on back to anchor it to a tree or wall

Compatible with cameras:

* Steel boxes may affect wireless connectivity, especially in low-reception areas.

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