CELL-LINK-V Bundle (USA) Universal Cellular Adapter

USD $ 139.96
USD $ 99.99

The bundle includes the CELL-LINK from SPYPOINT and the Micro SD Card. The CELL-LINK from SPYPOINT brings the advantages of our definitive mobile scouting solution to the cameras you didn’t think you could connect.

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United States Model (V)

This bundle contains the following products: CELL-LINK (2x) MicroSD 16 GB card (2x)

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The CELL-LINK from SPYPOINT can turn virtually any non-cellular trail camera into a cellular device. Reduce trips to your hunting property to pull cards, and save that time and money. Even more exciting is the opportunity to take advantage of the mobile scouting tools that SPYPOINT offers. All the new AI technologies, species filters, advanced weather and mapping functions integrate with your non-cellular camera by connecting it to a CELL-LINK.

The CELL-LINK connects to the LTE cellular network to ensure years of service in the ever-evolving cellular network technology.
• Universal compatibility
• Compatible with the LIT-10 rechargeable lithium battery pack
• LTE network connectivity

The CELL-LINK connects to your non-cellular camera via the SD card slot. Plug our SD card cable into the card slot on your camera, route the cable down to the bottom of the camera housing, and close the camera door on the cable. The flexible, rubberized cable has been designed to be closed in the camera door and maintain the weatherproofness of your camera. Then connect the other end of the cable to the CELL-LINK and install above the camera.

Micro SD Card
•1High speed
•Class 10
•10 year warranty
•Includes an adaptor for SD cards

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