LINK-DARK Bundle LINK-DARK Bundle with SB-200 and SD card

This bundle includes:
- Security Box (SB-200)
- 16 GB SD Card

USD $ 422.97
USD $ 349.99
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The LINK-DARK brings invisible LED technology to the LINK series of trail cameras, making the camera even tougher for game to detect, and reducing the chances of spooking the biggest and wariest of the bucks you’re hunting.

Security Box (SB-200)
When a lock just isn’t enough, turn to the security of 16-gauge zinc-coated steel. The SB-200 is designed to fit all 42 LED cameras by SPYPOINT, including SOLAR units. These boxes provide security, with holes for both padlocks and cable locks, as well as back holes to anchor directly to the tree.

16 GB SD Card
Don’t lose images because your cards fill up before you can get to the woods to change them. The SPYPOINT 16 GB SDHC UHS-1 memory card provides storage for thousands of images, hours of video, and as an ultra-high speed Class 10 card, your SD card won’t be the weak link in your camera setup.