SPYPOINT policies


A trademark can be a word, a sentence, a drawing, or a combination of these, used to characterize the products or services of a person or organization and to distinguish them from others offer on the market.

  • It is therefore important to always write the brand properly, SPYPOINT must be in one word.
    • Correct : SPYPOINT
    • Incorrect: SPY-POINT
  • Always use the trademark as an adjective.
    • Correct : My SPYPOINT camera is a product of quality
    • Incorrect : My SPYPOINT is a product of quality.
  • Always use the right symbol ®/MD, depending of our trademarks.
    • ™/® : english
    • MC/MD : french
    The absence of a name or logo from this list does not constitute a waiver of any trademark SPYPOINT or other intellectual property rights relating to such name or logo.
  • Please make sure you get approval from SPYPOINT before production for any use or application of the logo.

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