GameChangers - Big Florida Hogs and a Very Special Rifle

Brian and Billy are at it again, chasing hogs at Billy's place in Florida. Does Billy blank Brian again?

Hunting hogs always sounds easier than it is, as anyone who has done it can tell you. Even when you have a lot of hogs around, they didn't get there by being dumb. Last year, they gave Brian the slip, while Billy was able to put a few on the ground. They're back at it again while we wait for turkey season to open across the country, and Brian is hoping for some redemption.

To make things even better, Billy lets Brian use a little good luck charm, Billy's Dad's rifle. So we're back in Florida, chasing hogs, with a little bit of nostalgia on our side.

Who connects on a big hog this time around?

00:00 - Kicking off season two

00:46 - Recap last year

01:17 - Even driving is a competition

02:13 - And it begins

03:40 - Foggy morning, special rifle

05:05 - "Wrong feeder buddy..."

08:10 - Nail in the coffin

10:05 - "Look at those cutters..."

11:35 - The hunts we remember

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