18 Ways to Be a Good Hunting Buddy

18 Ways to Be a Good Hunting Buddy

It’s like being a good friend to those you hunt with.

For some hunters, hunting is a solitary activity. The calming nature of the outdoors is a place individuals can find peace and solace. Not all choose to experience it alone, though. In fact, most share it with other people, also known as hunting buddies.

Why Hunting Buddies Are Important

Those who don’t have a hunting buddy are missing out. It’s one of those relationships that’s bound by nature. There’s a brotherhood to it, and that means something.

There are many benefits to being and having a hunting buddy. You can learn from and teach one another. Bouncing ideas off of each other is another bonus. Plus, you can aid one another in laborious tasks, such as hanging treestands, dragging deer, and processing game. But best of all, you share a small piece of God’s creation with someone else who appreciates its simple, yet complicated nature. Experiencing that with a fellow outdoorsman or outdoorswoman is truly special.


All things considered, perhaps the most vital aspect of having hunting buddies is you help keep each other engaged, and it also opens up potential opportunities to recruit and retain other hunters.

That being said, here are 18 ways to be the best hunting buddy.

1. Use Common Sense

Today, logic and reasoning are precious commodities and seemingly rarer than silver or gold. Don’t fall among the wrong crowd. Always use common sense.

2. Show Respect

Show respect to everyone, but especially your hunting buddies. Likewise, they should do the same for you. This is how people maintain healthy relationships.

3. Be Fair

Treat them as you would want to be treated. This is the enaction of the golden rule. Basically, don’t horde the best treestand locations. Don’t always hunt the biggest buck. Share the load. Share the rewards.

4. Follow the Rules

Follow all laws. Abide by all ethics. And don’t you dare break a lease or hunt camp rule. Those are written for a reason.

5. Be Positive

No one likes a pessimist. Stay positive and keep an upbeat attitude, even when it is difficult to do so. Be the light.

6. Be the Motivator

We all get down. When your hunting buddy is having a bad day, help get them back on their feet. Tell them to suck it up when the deer dreg gets too hard. Be that friendly kick in the pants. Or, just be that person to talk to when they need a buddy.

7. Keep Everyone Informed

Always be on the same page. Never conceal knowledge of a monster buck from them. Be as transparent as possible.

8. Invest Your Time

Don’t just spend time on your own hunts. Help out with theirs, too. Giving of your time to benefit someone else is a noble thing. Your hunting buddy will appreciate it.

9. Help Foot the Bill

Having a lease together? Plant food plots? Run trail cameras? Share the cost burden. The same holds true for actual work, such as hanging treestands, clearing trails, and everything else. Do your fair share of the grunt work.

10. Don’t Always Be the Expert

No one likes a no-it-all. And even if you are one, it’s usually best to keep it to yourself. Let others be the expert, too. People enjoy sharing their knowledge. Let others have their moment.

11. Don’t Oversleep

Hunting buddies who can’t use an alarm clock aren’t good hunting buddies. Period. It’s an atrocious act to purposely hit the snooze button when you know someone is waiting on you.

12. Learn to Sit Still

No one wants to be that hunter who is notorious for spooking game. Sure, it happens from time to time. But if you have a nickname that signifies something about being fidgety, maybe it’s time to level up.

13. Learn to Share

Selfishness has no place in a good hunting buddy relationship. Those who can’t share probably aren’t great friends. And that’s what we’re talking about here right? Learn how to be a good friend.

14. Don’t Quit After Filling Your Tags

So, you filled your last tag, eh? Well, what about your hunting buddy? If the answer is no, your season isn’t over yet. Get back out there and help him (or her) until they’ve either filled their tag or the season is over.

15. Don’t Become the Cancel King

Having regular plans but constantly call it off at the last minute? That’s not good. Don’t do that. It creates friction and frustration.

16. Refrain from Bringing Too Many Guests

Guests are OK. Bringing new people into the fold is important. But there is a way to do it, and a way to not do it. Be on the right side of that line.

17. Keep Secrets … Secret

So, you and your hunting buddy are on a monster buck? It’s probably best to keep that between those who need to know, and maybe withhold vital details from those who don’t.

18. Never Compromise or Sacrifice Safety

Safety is No. 1. Never do anything that could put you or others in harm’s way. No animal is worth injury or death.

The solitude of hunting can be a very rewarding thing, but so can the friendship and bonding that hunting with friends can offer. If for you, hunting is something to be enjoyed amongst friends, be sure that you are the one that people truly enjoy hunting with, not the one they just tolerate. 

Article by Josh Honeycutt 

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