Building Whitetails - Inside Corners

Finding inside corners and getting a stand set in place that lets you capitalize could put you on the biggest buck of your life.

This month, Josh walks us through the layout of one of the most productive inside corners we’ve ever seen. He shows you want to look for in an inside corner that may mean you’re sitting on a big buck gold mine, how to take advantage of it, and when it might be the most productive for you. We see footage of the 184" monster called Omega that Josh took last year, in the same spot where his brother killed a 204" just a couple years ago. When it comes to insider corners, Josh isn't talking theory, he's got the receipts to show you why they are the goods. 

Also, if allowed, you may be able to use this crucial pinch point travel area as a perfect spot for a mineral and camera location to get a better idea of exactly what you may be hunting for when autumn arrives.

Dive in to inside corners with this episode of Building Whitetails from SPYPOINT.

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