PROJECT SPYPOINT is the complete content outlet from SPYPOINT, formally launching in April, 2020.

PROJECT SPYPOINT delivers content in video, podcast, and written blog form so no matter how you want to consume content, you have an option you can enjoy. To see the full stream of content visit www.spypoint.com/project.

“This isn’t trail camera content, this is outdoor content,” said Trent Marsh, Editorial Manager at SPYPOINT. “If there’s one thing I want people to understand, it’s that. This is an outlet for the things we all love, hunting, fishing, outdoor activities. We want to offer our insight and experience to anyone who shares our passion for the outdoors.”

PROJECT SPYPOINT takes a complete look at the outdoors, and shares the content that people want. The mix of educational, informative, and downright fun content can appeal to virtually anyone that enjoys the outdoors. The series “Building Whitetails” has already delivered three episodes that give timely, relevant land and habitat management tips and insights. Josh Pretzer, host and life-long farmer, brings a candid and relatable feel to topic that can be daunting at times. The hunting series, “GameChangers,” is set to release it’s first of 8 episodes later this month. Brian Stephens, host of “GameChangers” and the SPYPOINT Podcast, travels the country hunting turkeys, hogs, deer, and even does a little bowfishing, with episodes airing just days after the hunt takes place.

The SPYPOINT Podcast and the PROJECT SPYPOINT blog round out the content options, with interviews and topics that appeal to those new to outdoor sports, as well as those who have grown up in the outdoors.

“This is where we can share the collective SPYPOINT personality. We’re a company of enthusiasts. We want to share that passion and knowledge with our friends and customers. I’m excited to share this vision of what outdoor content can and should be with our audience. It really is a labor of love for the entire team that has brought this into existence,” concluded Marsh.

Visit www.spypoint.com/projectto see all the latest content from PROJECT SPYPOINT, and to sign up for exclusive updates and notifications.

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