Swamp Slam | Florida Gators and Pigs | GameChangers

Hurricane Ian did a number on the ranch. The storm surge brought water the pushed the deer out, and brought the hogs in.

So, now what? Well, now Brian and Billy get back to doing what they always do. Put in hours to try to keep the hog population under control. Florida and Texas are two of the states hit hardest by the feral hog boom. While Billy had a pretty good handle on them before the storm, the latest influx is threatening the deer season, with resources being taken over by the hogs. The guys get a start on putting things back into balance chasing big Florida swine.

They also have some gator tags, and do something most of us have never seen. They go out calling for gators. Brian and Billy hop in an airboat and fly around the swamp using baby gator noises to call larger gators right up to the boat. The reeds and cattails are thick, so it's no sure thing.

There's a lot going on with this episode of GameChangers. Check out the latest from the swamp!

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