How to Winter Proof your Farm | Building Whitetails

How do you make sure as seasons start to end that your deer have the food and cover they need? Josh talks about how to winterproof your farm.

As deer recover from the rut their attention turns to food and cover. The summer days of ag fields and browse everywhere are gone, and quality food becomes tougher to find. The same is true of cover. Providing a balanced diet all year is critical to keep deer health as strong as possible. If you are able in your state, considering a supplemental feeding program, even if it is just through the worst part of winter, may be a good idea. 

Ideally, you're able to provide multiple types of food sources that stagger throughout the year, including during the worst of winter when deer may be in short supply of quality browse. 

Food is only one part of the equation. Providing cover that deer can get into to avoid the worst weather conditions can help reduce stress as well. Switchgrass is a popular option, and one that Josh has had great success with on his farm. 

Winter is a time of stress, so if you can reduce the stress on your deer during the winter, they will rebound quicker in the spring, and have less of a deficit to build back up from.

Josh shares his focus and plan for making sure that your farm is as appealing in winter as it is in later summer and fall.

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