Kicking off Habitat Improvement Season with Josh Pretzer | The SPYPOINT Podcast

Spring is officially here, even if the weather across the country isn't making it feel like it. Chances are, you're already thinking about your habitat improvements for this year. In this episode of the SPYPOINT Podcast, we talk to Josh Pretzer about what he has in store for his farm, recap last year's hunting season, and get caught up in a half dozen other things as well.

Of note, we talk about the implications and fallout of rising fertilizer prices, how Josh is dealing with them from the perspective of a farmer, and what you can be doing to prepare as well.

As usually happens when Trent and Josh get talking, the conversation wanders around quite a bit, from camera strategy, habitat strategy, and scouting philosophy, to talking about old deer and even answering some questions from the SPYPOINT audience.

Check out the latest episode of the SPYPOINT Podcast, and let us know if there's something else we should have asked Josh!

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