SPYPOINT App Adds Maps and Weather

The best multi-camera management app just got better with the addition of custom maps to the SPYPOINT App!

Managing cellular trail cameras is easier when you use an app that is up to the task. The SPYPOINT app puts your entire hunt in the palm of your hand by bringing custom maps and weather information into the same app that manages your cameras and your photos.

No more bouncing between apps. Simply toggle between tabs in the SPYPOINT app to see everything you need to make the best decisions for your hunt.

It's as simple as a long press on the map screen to drop a marker. Users can then choose from one of the 26 custom options to drop markers for things like stands, blinds, and feeders, as well as rubs and scrapes. Want to get a birds-eye view of the blood trail you're following? You can also mark the location of a shot and blood on the map, letting you track the animal in relation to other known items where you hunt.

Your markers also you to edit a custom label field so you can use specific names or keep notes about a marker. All you have to do is tap on the marker to open the marker control menu where you can edit those custom details, or delete the marker altogether.

For the camera markers you drop, you are able to select from the cameras in your account's camera list to assign to those markers. That means from the map screen you can check the status, photos, plans, and settings for that camera.

The SPYPOINT app puts your cameras, photos, maps, and weather all in one place so that when you're ready to head to the field, you can do so as a confident, informed, prepared hunter.

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