SPYPOINT BF-8 trail camera

By Bud Fields - SPYPOINT Pro Staff

I am CONSTANTLY AMAZED with the SIMPLICITY of SPYPOINT TRAIL CAMERAS. I must confess.. I AM NOT very fluent when it comes to electronic devices and I consider myself DANGEROUS when I use my computer or cellphone but ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE can become a "top notch" trail camera operator with SPYPOINT products. They are the MOST "USER-FRIENDLY" trail cameras on the market and trust me... I HAVE TRIED NUMEROUS products but IN MY OPINION.. SPYPOINT IS THE BEST PRODUCT AVAILABLE.

I recently purchased a SPYPOINT BF-8 and I KNEW I would be IMPRESSED. I also own 2 SPYPOINT 2N1's, 2 SPYPOINT HD7's and now, a SPYPOINT BF-8 and I anticipate I will be adding MORE SPYPOINT TRAIL CAMERAS to my collection as time passes. The reason I decided to add the BF-8 to my collection is because I have been TOTALLY SATISFIED with my previous SPYPOINTS and I believe "IF IT AIN'T BROKE... DON'T FIX IT." In other words, SPYPOINTS have been doing a GREAT JOB for me and the folks at SPYPOINT have ALWAYS treated me like FAMILY by answering ANY/ALL questions I have ever had concerning their products and EVERY TIME I have placed an order, they "go out of their way" to handle EVERYTHING QUICKLY. In all honesty, I can't say anything POSITIVE or NEGATIVE about their CUSTOMER SERVICE because I have NEVER HAD A PROBLEM with ANY of my products but that DOES say something about the QUALITY, DURABILITY and RELIABILITY of what goes into their products.

My NEW SPYPOINT BF-8 has 8 megapixels and 46 INVISIBLE LEDs that I KNOW will NOT spook game. It also has 640 x 480  video recording from 10-90 seconds and you can also record the video with/without sound. The BF-8 also has automatic infrared level adjustments and it takes excellent color pictures by day and black and white pictures by night and there is ABSOLUTELY NO audible shutter noise to alarm animals. You also get date, time,moon phase and temperature (Celsius/Fahrenheit) stamped on EVERY picture and you can set the adjustment for Multi-shot mode up to FOUR pictures per detection. You can also adjust the distance detection sensor from FIVE to SIXTY FIVE feet.

My NEW SPYPOINT BF-8 requires 6 alkaline AA-batteries and I literally get THOUSANDS of quality pictures before I need to replace the. IF I desire to do so, I can also power it by using a (not included) auxiliary 12 volt battery by simply plugging the cord into a 12 volt jack. I can also opt to use a rechargeable lithium battery pack (not included) and maintain its charge with a solar panel. It also requires an SD/SDHC card up to 32 GB (not included) The SPYPOINT BF=8 also has USB and TV ports (NTSC/PAL) This is also a standard 1/4-20 tripod mount stud and the internal camera is REMOVABLE for easier handling The dimensions are: 5.1" W X 6.9" H X 2.6" D.

I mentioned the BF-8 was "user friendly." The slide switches are CLEARLY marked and accessible and you simply slide the switch from ON to OFF to power up or shut off the camera, you slide the switch to MENU and read the digital commands to your desired settings and within mere seconds, your camera is ready to start photographing or videoing. My youngest grandson can completely program ANY of my SPYPOINT cameras. SIMPLE instructions and videos are available and check YouTube.com for some interesting, educational videos also.

I am ALWAYS amazed and astounded at the clarity of the pictures and videos I have on my SPYPOINT TRAIL  CAMERAS and I feel like a "little kid waiting on Christmas morning" when I visit my hunting areas, The anticipation of "WHAT WILL I HAVE ON MY CAMERAS TODAY" is ALWAYS making my trips to and from the woods MORE enjoyable and knowing my SPYPOINT TRAIL CAMERAS can be depended on to produce is something only a DEDICATED OUTDOORSMAN can understand. NO MORE "one year of service and replace the camera" here.. I KNOW I can rely on the QUALITY, ENGINEERING and DURABILITY of SPYPOINT FOR MANY YEARS and my NEW BF-8 will be used during pre-season scouting, during season hunting and even AFTER the season closes I can STILL depend on getting ACCURATE information about WHAT IS GOING ON IN MY HUNTING AREA. GET WITH SPYPOINT TODAY!!!