Outdoors with Bud

By Bud Fields - SPYPOINT Pro Staff

With today's modern technology, there has been numerous advances in equipment that can be VERY beneficial to the hunter. I know I have been deer hunting for fifty years now and I am CONSTANTLY searching for ANYTHING that will help me become a better, successful deer hunter.

One of the recent items that I started using for deer hunting applications is a SPYPOINT trail camera. Now, I have used MANY different products and there always seemed to be "something missing" and I FINALLY have found the PERFECT trail camera for ME!!

I purchased a SPYPOINT 2N1 camera and it has been performing BETTER than I had ever expected. The 2N1 was developed exclusively for Cabelas and is just as the name implies, it is actually TWO cameras in ONE unit...(for ONE price) It is a compact camera measuring 6.9" high, 5.1" wide and 2.6" deep and has a nice camouflaged completely sealed, waterproof case.

It also features 5.0 megapixel picture quality. It also has two replaceable modules allowing you to take white flash photos or you can remove the "snap in/snap out" module and insert the 35 black infrared LED module for virtually NO VISIBLE flash which also makes it a GREAT choice for surveillance purposes. (With the white flash module, you can take very clear color pictures by day or night and with the black infrared module, you can take color pictures by day and black and white pictures by night.)

The SPYPOINT 2N1 also has a automatic infrared level adjustment and in the "multi-shot mode," you can take up to 4 pictures per detection and you get stamped date, time and moon phase on EVERY picture indicating the precise time, date and moon phase of when the deer passed the camera. It also has an adjustable distance detection sensor you can set for 5 to 50 foot distance.

Not only do you get FANTASTIC pictures, you can also take video segments from 10 to 90 seconds in 640X480 and it is always exciting to observe the deer activity or even see the intruder that stole your tree stand or vandalized your property.

The SPYPOINT 2N1 trail camera requires an SD/SDHC card up to 32 GB (not included) and it also has a USB port to view your photos, etc. on your computer and it also has a TV port (NTSC/PAL) for actually viewing your photos and videos on your television set.

The 2N1 requires 6 Alkaline AA batteries (not included) or it can be powered by a rechargeable Lithium battery pack (not included) It also has an external 12 volt power jack.

This has to be one of the most "user friendly" trail cameras I have EVER used. When you open the front of the camera case, you will observe a really STRONG rubber gasket that completely seals" the face and keeps water (and ants) OUT!! You can actually remove the internal camera leaving the case attached to the tree and you can easily see the "slide" switch controls. I completely "set up" my SPYPOINT" 2N1 trail camera in less than 1 minute and trust me folks.. I am COMPLETELY "electronically-challenged." My youngest grandson has NEVER used a trail camera and he had the camera adjusted and set up in remarkable time considering his age.

I am SO IMPRESSED with my SPYPOINT trail camera that I can HONESTLY state that I am PLANNING on acquiring MORE of them. They are DEPENDABLE, RELIABLE, DURABLE and the craftsmanship is "second to none."

Look for SPYPOINT trail cameras at a dealer near you or visit their website at: www.spypoint.com and browse through the selection of GREAT products they offer. I PROMISE you will NOT be disappointed.