Thank you very much for your outstanding support, your cameras have been well used by us over the years, this confirms our thoughts regards Spypoint cameras as being better than average for their reliability and ease of use but also have excellent backup for technical support. We will still continue to recommend them to other users.

Thanking you.



John Arundle - New-Zealand (May 2016)


I am writing you today to let you know why I love Spypoint cameras. My hunting partner and I purchased a few of your cameras to use here in Missouri to improve our success in chasing big whitetails. At the time of purchase I was a member of Mossy Oaks Pro Staff and running the woods hard. The data stick I sent is from a camera that was forgotten about in the woods and found one year later.

When I found the camera it was in perfect condition. The batteries were dead and I couldn’t wait to see what was on the card. To me, the story that this cam tells after being on the tree for 11 months is amazing.

I just wanted to share, thanks for the great cameras. If you keep making high quality cameras that the average hunter can afford and trust, you will have a customer for life!

John McKeehan (Jan 2016)

Hello SPYPOINT, I would like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Daylon Wowchuk and I am 15 years old. I am a small town Saskatchewan farm boy that got obsessed with hunting when I was about 10 years old. From that point I live and breathe hunting. When I was 12 years old I managed to place a trail camera in the woods looking for something special in my rookie years. Surprisingly I found a 160 class whitetail deer. I put in my time and made it happen with my father by my side.

When I am out hunting there is gear I rely on to help me along the way. My favorite and most reliable cameras are your SPYPOINTS. Not only are they very easy to use and set up in the woods they work amazing in the cold weather we have in Saskatchewan.

It would be greatly appreciated if you send me a letter back. In the futur I will be using your products and someday would like to be part of your pro staff.


Daylon Wowchuk (Dec 2015)

Thank you for all your awesome products. Your products are Great. As a father of two sons that hunt i want to also thank you for keeping your prices low in times like these.[...]

Arthur Stone (Nov 2015)

[...] I will be selling my other trail cameras off in the off season and getting all SPYPOINT. I've heard nothing but good things about them and am very impressed with the GEOPAD so far.

Thanks again.

Matthew Hage (Nov 2015)

Hello, I have been using trail cameras for over 12years. in that time I have used many different brands, Moultrie, Primos, Bushnell, Tasco, on and on. I currently have 3 SpyPoint cameras and I absolutely love them. When people ask me what kind of camera I use, I always tell them «SpyPoint- you won't be disappointed». these cameras are easy to use, easy to set up, are reliable, excellent on battery useage and more importantly, take great pictures and video. Thank you! As far as I am concerned, SpyPoint is the first brand I will look to when making my next Trail camera purchase.

Mark Williquette (Sep 2015)

Please pass on my thanks for a great product. I have really enjoyed using it and the videos it takes.


Dave Morey - XCEL HD (May 2015)

Thank you. You are great. Really like Spypoint cameras and customer service.

Kathy Buchter (May 2015)


You guys are great. Works like a charm. Thanks for the awesome customer service.

I'll be in touch with you guys later on and show the success we have had this spring.

Tell your engineers Way to Go and THANK YOU

Scott Richardson - MINI-LIVE 4G (Apr 2015)

I have become a dealer and am happy to carry your product. I think Spypoint makes the best camera on the market. I just received my first order today.


Sammy Durrett - Dealer (Dec 2014)

I am 42 years oId and have never owned a trail camera in my life, so I bought two of your smart 8 trail cameras and I love them! I am going to buy another one keep up the good work you have a great product, thank you very much.

Kenneth Counts (Nov 2014)

Thanks so much for the help it worked and the camera is back up and running. Thanks for the quick response and great products looking forward to putting your products to great use this year.

Thanks again,

Kelly Lowery - Co-Founder Team Urban Nocks (Nov 2014)

I received the replacement camera (Tiny-W3) today. It arrived in-tact and tested perfectly.

I was amazed to find it had been replaced under warranty; I clearly dropped that camera and hope I made that clear - and with the broken antenna (with paperclip fix), I believe it was somewhat obvious.

Thank you for the no-cost replacement, that was far and beyond expected.

I now have two W3's fitted with solar panels; the two cameras have the lithium batteries and I'm hoping to purchase two piles more for the black-boxes. Almost the complete setup, yeah?

Again, the cameras caught a near-do-well trespasser a few months back - I took him to court. When the judge held-up the HighDef photo of the guy's face and showed it to him, there was no denying. It was a thing of true beauty.

There is no need to reply, you have other things to attend to and this is insignificant rhetoric. Thank you again for the warranty replacement, it really helps. The cameras do their job and I am very pleased.

Not awaiting your reply and stay warm,

Christopher Dahl (Nov 2014)

This camera has been a good camera and has taken thousands of pictures. We have used the camera almost every day of the year.

I plan on buying more SPYPOINT cameras in the near future.

Thanks again for such a reliable product.

Stanley Frazier (Oct 2014)

I would like to say that it was a pleasure dealing with your support team, everyone was pleasant and knowledgeable. Your web site for support was amazing also. The tutorial for down loading the firmware was so straight forward that I was able to do it without a problem. I would recommend your product to anyone.
Thanks for all your help.

Carole - USA (Aug 2014)

Here are just a couple pictures from the 2N1 SpyPoint. I have 1000+ pictures in just a month and a half. I could fill pages with all the great shots from this camera. Looking forward to buying another camera down the road.

Jack Francis - KY, USA (Oct 2013)

This is one the first videos that I got on my spypoint camera. The quality of these videos impressed me. Thank You for your help.

Harold Anders (Oct 2013)

Thank you sooo much. I down loaded the software and it works great. I have owned several trail cameras and so far this Spypoint is my favorite. The pics and videos are clear a crisp. It's working great. Again thank you so much for the quick response.

Pete James (Oct 2013)

Ive used several different brands of cameras during my hunting years and none of them hold a candle to Spypoint. Ive never had tech problems with the cam or blank images. I'll never use another brand of camera again. Thanks for making great products!!!

Ben Weaver - Virginia, USA (Aug 2013)

I work at Cabela's in Wichita, Ks and purchased my first Trail Cam (C4). I put my cam out last Friday and less than 20 hours I had a few does and a buck on my Spypoint Cam. My first buck on the cam. Really like the Cam. Keep on making a great product!

Brian LeFevre - Kansas, USA (Oct 2012)

I was a member of a deer lease. I had the Spypoint FL-A set up at my feeder.

I got great pictures and the batteries lasted longer then I would have ever imagined. I was extremely impressed by this camera and will only buy Spypoint and I want tell you why.

My deer lease fell victim to terrible West Texas fires. I watched the footage of the beast that consumed the whole lease and all of my gear. I was able to observe the fire as a result of the high quality of my Spypoint camera. The camera took a direct wave of flash fires that swept the lease and completely consumed my deer blind. The fires turned the lease into the moon. The camera sustained cosmetic damage due to the heat and a direst blast of high temperature fires. The internal components still work today and I am sold for life.

This is what it captured:

Travis Wells - Texas, USA (Aug 2012)

Dear Spypoint Staff,
I have just today received your BF-7 and after reading through the instructions and setting it up, I had to try it out. First I set the BF-7 up on my daughters netball pole for 2 photo's and walked in front from the side after a minute. I then got my other brand camera and set it up in the same position for the same 2 photo sequence and repeater the same walk. It's amazing the difference of having 28 LED's versus 46 and better exposure control. But I think you know that. I also think you've got a new fan…..me.

Spypoint BF-7 on the left, other brand on the right.

Marcus McCarthy (Jul 2012)

Dear Spy-point

I just had to write you and tell you I just received your PRO X Spy-point Trail Cam. First off I took a chance and just ordered your camera without knowing anything about them. I am totally blown away by the quality and the features...It is absolutely the best camera I have ever seen. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I will be telling my archery hunting friends about this one!! It makes my other cams look like junk!!! Ill be ordering more!!

I truly appreciate your commitment to excellence!!

Stan Gore - Houston, Texas (Feb 2012)

Dear Spypoint,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making a great product! I'm not a hunter. But I have a home under construction, over Christmas it was vandalized on 2 separate occasions, along w/the people starting a fire in my house, on my concrete slab. That situation prompted me to order some "game cams". Not knowing what style or type to order, I went on line to Gander Mountain. Saw the Tiny-W's and figured those would be great cause I can hide those side units/boxes.

Needless to say, I stopped by this past Saturday morning to check on my house (1/14). As I walked in I noticed camera's 1 and 2 were gone BUT they didn’t notice the side units. Then in the garage I noticed the side unit was gone but they did not get camera #3. They had started another fire in my house and used my blue prints and cabinet book plans as lighting paper. I was praying to God that the side units stored the pictures ok. Sure enough, I have the two kids on camera standing there watching the fire burn inside my house. Then I have a pic of the male suspect noticing my camera, then I have a nice picture of his shoes as he is walking away with my camera. I lost 2 cameras in the incident, but that’s worth the price getting these kids caught and dealt with!!

Thanks again for a great product….here is a photo for you to enjoy. This kid and his girlfriend, watching my room blaze on fire as it emitted enough light for a nice color photo to be taken of them.

Here's a pic of the male suspect recognizing he is being videoed...

Follow up:
The two in the pictured told on a 3rd person (female) that was involved, she was charged with 1 count of arson, 1 count of grand theft, and 1 count of burglary. The two in the picture were charged with 2 counts of arson, 2 counts of burglary, and 1 count of grand theft each. The girls were released to their parents. The boy since he has multiple offenses is going to spend at least 6 months behind bars. We just had out court date yesterday.
The boy pictured has been causing all kinds of problems in our community too. While detained the boy admitted to driving on the golf course in his truck, trying to break in to other structures too.

Casey Damron (Jan 2012)

Just wanted to say thanks for making such a great camera. As a member of the armed forces, I rely on your cameras in order to plan maximize my limited time in the tree stand. I have owned a number of other cameras in the past but have not achieved the same results that I have using my two IR-C's. Spypoints reliabilty and battery life are, in my opinion, far superior than many other camera systems.

Thank you again and if there is any way that you could use your technology to send the deer under my stand during legal shooting times?

Geoff Hutchinson - Woodlawn, ON, CA (Jan 2012)

I was very pleased with how quick this item came to me...thanks for the excellent service! The camera is better than great and my recently purchased battery pack has been installed and works just fine. Spypoint's website has been added to "My Favorites" list on my computer and I'll be getting my next cam from you guys hopefully sooner than later! Thanks so much!

All the best,

Darrell Hatfield (Dec 2011)

Hey guys, Just a quick note of thanks. I found one of your cameras under our tree this past Christmas and couldn't be happier.

I told my wife that this little thing makes every day like Christmas... you never know what you're gonna find under the tree...

I'll send you some photos if anything surprising comes up. Thanks again.

John Blokker (Dec 2011)

I had never heard of Spypoint Trail cam until this year so I bought one back in July and thought I'd give it a try! I LOVE IT! It has great trigger speed....I love the removable guts for programming.....and I have had the same batteries in the camera for 6.5 weeks and they still show full!!! Oh and I have been in video mode the whole time getting about 20 to 30 video's each week! I'm sold! Thanks Spypoint for a great product!!!!

Bob Baars - (Facebook) (Nov 2011)

I just wanted to give a nice loud shout out to Spypoints customer service. Thanks for all of the help. It's nice to get great service ... Again THANKS folks ... :)

Luke Greenia - (Facebook) (Nov 2011)

Bought the IR-6 a couple of months ago and I just wanted to say WOW...I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT !!!

Marty Herman (Nov 2011)

I just wanted to let you know that we purchased an IR-6 camera last year and put it out in the fall of 2010, with the LIT-09 rechargeable battery pack. It was lost in the area it was set in and we thought it was gone for good. This past weekend, one of our conservation officers returned to the area and found the camera, where it had been left by animals. The SD card was checked and the camera was still working. It had over 2000 pictures with dates from October 2010 until late Sept. 2011, having been out in the woods all winter. We just wanted to let you know that we used to like your trail cameras but, after this, we REALLY like the cameras and will continue to buy them in the future. Thanks guys for a great product!

Bruce Woulds - Miramichi, NB, CA (Oct 2011)

Loving these Spypoint Trail Cameras. Over 2,000 pics and 200 videos and the battery indicator hasn't moved off the "Full" position!

Poor Boys Outdoors - (Facebook) (Sep 2011)

We use Spypoint cameras all the time. I use them for both deer and bear in Minnesota, the cameras are awesome!

Amy Veilleux-Erickson - (Facebook) (Sep 2011)

My first several days of having my new camera set up were very successful, I'm very pleased. Thanks for the great product.
Merci encore

Joseph Martin - - IR-5 (Jul 2011)

You all make a great product and have the absolute best customer service!

Seth Taylor (Jun 2011)

I have an IR-5. Had it for 2-weeks and it has took 1354 pictures. I have not missed one thing that passed by the camera. I LOVE THIS CAMERA! Keep up the good work SPYPOINT!

Dale Kiser (Jun 2011)

I want to express how happy I am with you products. Last year I purchased my first two trail cameras. One was your Pro-X model and the other was a competitors. After using both cameras through late summer and early fall, yours was more consistent and produced great quality. After a great season, I bagged an eight pointer with the help of you cameras, the hunting gear was packed up.

James Rodic (May 2011)

Merci guys, I love my Spypoint and now that I work in a hunting store guess which brand I recommend for my customers. Your customer service rocks too, keep up the good work!

Tom Wood (May 2011)

I just got this Spypoint FL-A IR as a replacement for my old 2009 Spypoint FL-A which started taking greenish tint pics. Marc and Sebastian updated this one for me and I can't say enough how fast they answered my emails and the turnaround with the cameras. Emails were answered within minutes not days like some I have had to work with. Their Customer Service is one of the best I have seen. There was 1132 pics in 4 days and there was only 5 or 6 pics that I couldn't find what triggered the camera. I love this camera.Thanks again Marc and Sebastian for the great service.

David W Strait Jr (May 2011)

We just got confirmation that one of our FL-A cameras has survived out in the field continuously for 20 months and no malfunctions. Rain, snow, wind, -4F temperature, 100F temperature, all the above. This cameras has produced over 700 pictures in both flash and IR mode and all updates on the camera was performed out in the field. We as customers are super impressed and we have some folks now buying your FL-A cameras. The silica packets placed in the camera have helped so much in preventing black mold, sweat, etc... We used energizer "max" batteries and each 6 in one set lasted about 50 days.
That's good in our "book"...

Jarrod Love (Apr 2011)

I just wanted to thank you for excellent customer service. My new replacement camera is taking great pictures and I am a very happy customer

Don Lesway (Apr 2011)

I have looked into alot of trail cams. I did some research and found your product. I must say I have never been more satisfied with a purchase. Your cam is a great product, it has been in the woods since Oct. 2010 and I have had no problems with it at all. I will own more of your products, as well as recommend your products to anyone who will listen. I just want to say thank you. Your product worked like you claim and that seems to be hard to find these days....thank you again I am a very happy customer....

Stephen Schaner (Feb 2011)

I just purchased a FL-A trail camera and I am very pleased with your product and your web site for backing up what you sell. Not many companies, in fact none that I have come in contact with put out such an in-depth information center like you people do! Thanks again and yes I'll be buying another one in the future.
A very happy hunter !

Tim Cullen (Jan 2011)

Just want to tell you your cameras are the best I have ever used! I will make sure I tell everyone I know about your product. Keep up the good work and I plan on purchasing more in the future. I own 5 different cameras and your product is by far my first choice.

Dale Brenwall (Oct 2010)