Millisecond Trigger Speed Technology - 0.07

Our engineers at the Spypoint headquarters worked very hard on our trigger speed during the 2015 year, to offer you the best and fastest trigger speed on the market today. At 0.07 the Spypoint trail cameras are definitely the fastest ones!

Trigger speed is used to measure the time it takes for a trail camera to “arise” from its sleep mode when the sensor is set off by an animal and take a picture of the game. The quicker the trigger speed the less missed animals on your trail camera. At 0.07 seconds whether you are placing your camera at the edge of a field, in a transition zone or in a fast paced trail, you are sure to never miss a picture again.

0.07s Millisecond trigger speed 0.07s Vitesse de déclenchement millisecondes Millisecond trigger speed Vitesse de déclenchement millisecondes

Intelligent Triggering Technology

Catch the best of the action

The SMART cameras is equipped with the Intelligent Triggering Technology (I.T.T.), which allows the camera to analyze movements and capture better photos and videos.

PHOTO: On detection, one photo is taken. If a new movement is detected by the camera, a second photo is taken within 60 seconds after taking the first photo. This mode allows the user to always have a subject on the photo.

VIDEO: A video of 10 seconds is taken upon detection. If the subject only passes in front of the camera, it takes only one video of 10 seconds. If the subject continues to move in front of the camera, the video recording is then prolonged by 10 second sections, to a maximum of 90 seconds. This mode allows the user to record the best of the action.

I.T.T. Presets

Moreover, the SMART-PRO model is already preset with ideal settings for hunting situations, either for using in trails or by feeders. Simply choose the desired situation to achieve optimal results effortlessly!

  1. The camera can be configured for usage in trails. This situation usually presents low activity level, fast subjects and a small number of photos is expected. These settings increase the chances of capturing animals that follow each other.
  2. The camera can also be configured for usage at a feeder's site. This situation usually presents high activity level, slow subjects and a large number of photos is expected. These settings moderate the number of photos taken while capturing overall activity on feeder's site.

Notched mounting system

For all XCEL action cameras

All XCEL mounting accessories are equipped with the notched mounting system that provides a strong and reliable grip. This technology secures your camera in a locked position. Mix and match your favourite accessories to adapt to the sport you are doing; mount the XCEL on a firearm, fishing rod, boat, ATV, any type of helmet, bike, snowboard, and literally anywhere you want to! Don’t worry about losing your camera and focus on your performance.

The yellow part is squeezed against the notched mount to lock in position.

REMOS Technology

SPYPOINT’s high end products now include the new REMOS technology. Developed specifically for advanced wireless features of our REMOS cameras and accessories, this technology can facilitate and maximize their use both in the field of hunting and security.

Compatible Cameras:

Among our wide range of products, here are the currently compatible cameras with the REMOS technology: BF-12HD, TINY-4G et HAWK.

RC-1 - Remote Control

The SPYPOINT RC-1 remote control allows you to control the camera compatible with the REMOS technology remotely. In addition to being compact, it is very easy to use.

The distance of transmission between the camera and the remote control extends to a wireless range up to 500 ft. It allows you to enable or disable remotely the detection of the camera and allows you to take photos or videos.

Moreover, according to the model camera, it can be used to launch the cellular synchronization between the camera and the mySPYPOINT server, to activate a buzzer signal on a controller or to enable or disable the Wi-Fi network of a camera. It’s< very convenient to not disturb your hunting site for example. This little accessory is so versatile that you won’t want to go without!

MS-1 - Motion sensor

The MS-1 wireless motion sensor allows you to trigger the camera compatible with the REMOS technology remotely, up to 500 ft away.

It is therefore possible to increase the surveillance zone by positioning the MS-1 device away from your camera, while continuing to use the built-in motion sensor of this one. Several sensors can be used with the same camera allowing you to further expand your surveillance area.

IRB-W-B - Infrared booster

The IRB-W-B infrared booster is a wireless device used to optimize the infrared lighting to accentuate the quality of night photos and videos. The distance of transmission between a camera compatible with the REMOS technology and an infrared booster extends to a wireless range up to 50 ft.

The IRB-W-B is instantly triggered by a wireless signal from the camera and synchronizes with the infrared LEDs of the camera when taking photos. When used with REMOS compatible cameras, the transmitter (included with the device) is not necessary.

In addition, the IRB-W-B is equipped with invisible LEDs providing invisible illumination at night. There isn’t anything more discreet! Capture the most beautiful night photos with IRB-W-B.