Never buy batteries again!

The SPYPOINT SOLAR trail camera has a built-in solar panel & rechargeable battery. Enjoying unlimited battery life !

Millisecond Trigger Speed Technology - 0,07

Our engineers at the Spypoint headquarters worked very hard on our trigger speed during the 2015 year, to offer you the best and fastest trigger speed on the market today. At 0.07 the Spypoint trail cameras are definitely the fastest ones!

Trigger speed is used to measure the time it takes for a trail camera to “arise” from its sleep mode when the sensor is set off by an animal and take a picture of the game. The quicker the trigger speed the less missed animals on your trail camera. At 0.07 seconds whether you are placing your camera at the edge of a field, in a transition zone or in a fast paced trail, you are sure to never miss a picture again.

0.07s Millisecond trigger speed 0.07s Vitesse de déclenchement millisecondes Millisecond trigger speed Vitesse de déclenchement millisecondes