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An easy way to maintain your game zone.

Simple to use, the SPYPOINT SSD scent dispenser repels odors according to the set-up defined by the user to ensure a maximal coverage zone. The scent canister are offered in 4 appealing scents which allow the unique spraying system to vaporise up to 3000 sprays per canister.

Programmable scent dispersal system ensuring the spray of the baiting zone according to the set-up defined by the user  

• Requires 2 alkaline D batteries (not included)  

• Requires a refill scent canister of 7 OZ./ 300 mL (not included)  

• Installation strap included  

• Refill scent canisters are available in four natural flavors: Apple, Anis, Acorn and Corn.

In the box:

  • Scent dispenser
  • Strap


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