Post‑processing software for photos

Do more megapixels mean better pictures?

Yes, up to a certain point. The quality of the image sensor used in the camera and whether the megapixels are original (true) or interpolated also effects the quality of the image.

What is pixel interpolation?

Interpolation is the process by which a small image is made larger. Software tools stretch the size of the image and generate pixels to fill in the blanks.

Does interpolation offer better quality images?

Not for regular usage; interpolation produces smoother lines and a better larger print than original formats. They do not offer advantages on a regular screen or for regular print formats.

What is optimal interpolation?

Experts agree that for best quality images, interpolation must not be more than doubled or tripled from the initial format. The average image sensors used in trail cameras are 2 MP to 5 MP. As an example, the recommended usage of interpolation should not be more than 12 MP for a 4 MP image sensor.

What is an image sensor?

An image sensor is the part of the mother board which enables the camera to record the data taken by the photo lens. This in turn offers us images to view.

Why does SPYPOINT offer post‑processing software?

We believe that users might like enlarged pictures for printing. However we also know that higher megapixels, directly processed within the camera, will result in a loss of the camera’s performance.

    Higher megapixels = larger file formats =
  • more battery consumption
  • less camera speed
  • more recovery time between pictures
  • less memory space on the SD card
Original 48 MP

What is the recommended amount of MP vs. printed picture format?

Number of Megapixels Photo format (300 dpi)
1 MP 3" x 5"
2 MP 4" x 5"
3 MP 5" x 7"
4-6 MP 6" x 8"
7-8 MP 8" x 10"
9-12 MP 8" x 12"
13-15 MP 10" x 15"
16-20 MP 11" x 14"
21-28 MP 12" x 18"
29-36 MP 16" x 20"
37-45 MP 16" x 24"
46-48 MP 20" x 24"

Information about the post‑processing software

Should you need higher megapixels for your trail camera pictures, simply download the software offered exclusively to SPYPOINT users.

The program will easily enable you to resize your original pictures to 24, 36 or 48MP.

SPYPOINT post‑processing software :

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